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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Ghazipur Pincode / Post Office Search (GHAZIPUR, Uttar Pradesh)

Akarmpur Banjaripur B.O 233001GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Alawalpur B.O 233305GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Andhau B.O 233305GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Arakhpur B.O 233305GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Atwa Fatehpur B.O 233001GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Badhupur B.O 233300GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Bahediya B.O 233223GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Baipur Deokali B.O 233001GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Bajidpur B.O 233310GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Barahi B.O 233226GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Bauri B.O 233303GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Belwa Urf Rasulpur B.O 233305GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Bharsar B.O 233300GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Bhojapur B.O 233226GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Bijaura B.O 233226GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Bikapur B.O 233001GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Birbalpur B.O 233226GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Bogna B.O 233226GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Buzurga Gouspur B.O 233305GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Chak Abdul Sattar B.O 233001GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Chaubepur B.O 233226GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Chaukiya B.O 233001GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Chaurabojh B.O 233300GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Chhawani Line B.O 233001GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Deochandpur B.O 233304GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Dhanaipur B.O 233302GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Dhanespur B.O 233226GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Dharmagatpur B.O 233300GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Dorasar B.O 233226GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Fadanpur B.O 233001GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Gahli Basarikpur B.O 233226GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Gai B.O 233226GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Ghariha B.O 233226GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Ghazipur City S.O 233001GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Ghazipur H.O 233001GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Ghazipur RS S.O 233001GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Gobindpur B.O 233226GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Goshalpur B.O 233228GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Gumma B.O 233305GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Harhari B.O 233226GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Hussainpur B.O 233001GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Indaur B.O 233226GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Jaitpura B.O 233001GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Kaithwalia B.O 233001GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Kansahari B.O 233226GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Kataila B.O 233305GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Katghara B.O 233311GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Kelhi B.O 233226GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Khajurgaon B.O 233230GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Khalispur B.O 233001GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Khardiha S.O 233233GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Kondari B.O 233226GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Madanahi B.O 233302GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Mahrajganj B.O 233001GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Manpur B.O 233305GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Mardah S.O 233226GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Markeenganj S.O 233001GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Matehu B.O 233226GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Maura B.O 233225GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Mundera B.O 233233GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Naisare B.O 233302GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Nakhatpur B.O 233226GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Nandganj S.O 233302GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Noorpur B.O 233001GhazipurUttar Pradesh
NSS Mill S.O 233311GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Pahetia B.O 233305GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Pandepur Radhey B.O 233300GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Para B.O 233303GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Peernagar S.O 233001GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Permeth B.O 233001GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Pipnar B.O 233226GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Pithapur B.O 233001GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Prithvipur B.O 233226GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Ramgarh B.O 275201GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Rampur Jiwan B.O 233305GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Ranipur B.O 233300GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Rasulpur Kanhwara B.O 233001GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Rauza B.O 233001GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Ruhipur B.O 233300GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Sarai Gokul B.O 233001GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Sauram B.O 233302GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Singera B.O 233226GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Sohilapur B.O 233001GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Talwal B.O 233001GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Tilesara B.O 233300GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Yusufpur B.O 233310GhazipurUttar Pradesh
Zangipur S.O 233305GhazipurUttar Pradesh

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